Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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The tomb of Sidi Magdoul

The tomb of Sdi Mogdoul

The tomb of the Marabout Sidi Mogdoul.
A common understanding is that the name Mogador, likely is a deformation of the name Sidi Mogdoul.

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It is also said he was a Scottish mariner with name MacDougal who got wrecked on the coast some centuries ago and acquired the status—and pronunciation of his name—by which he is now respected.
And from Mogdoul to Mogador is just one step!

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Sidi Megdoul
Sidi Magdoul





Sidi Mogdoul

During the middle ages a muslim saint ( marabout) named Sidi Mogdoul (Sidi Megdoul) was buried in Essaouira.
It is said that he belonged to the Regraga brotherhood. Also that he carried out twenty times the pilgrimage to holy places of islam , that he for 40 years fighted the infidels and died at the age of 140.

(Guide tourisitiqe Essaou ira
- La seductrice 2005-2007 Sefrioui Editions)

Sidi Magdoul ben
abdellah Ben Abdeljalil Regragui
is one of the Regraga saints and his father Sidi Abdeljalil is buried in Talmest, in the tribe of Chiadma.

"The sanctuary (Zaouia) has a prayer room, rooms on the first floor for visitors, rooms on the ground floor for the poor, a kitchen, etc ... in addition to that, there are other rooms and outbuildings for housing the Moquaddam. There is running water and the sanctuary is well maintained from the point of view of cleanliness."



The lighthouse Sidi Magdoul

The Lighthouse of Sidi Mogdoul was constructed in 1914 and started its
service in 1916.
14,80 meters high still guiding
the ships entering the the port of Essaouira.

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The tomb of Sidi Mogdoul
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