Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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Maps of Essaouira and its regions

Atlantic waves are washing against the rocks and the sandy beaches. The Island of Mogador is protecting the bay and the mouth of the river Oued Ksob. North and south of the town there are endless beaches, dune forests and rocks.The coastal ramparts of the well fortified old town suffer interminably from erosion. The Green belt wall marks a well-defined limit of the city towards the dune forest and the Bohaira lagoons.


Map of Mogador

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Waypoints in Essaouira.
Interesting places to visit to learn more about the history of Amagdoul - Mogador and the town and province of Essaouira. Cultural artifacts.
The flora and fauna or just nature as it is. Beaches and surfspots. Weekly souks. Regional targets.
The medina of Essaouira
Interesting places of historical, cultural interest in the medina of Essaouira Mogador

Territorial graffiti.
Contemporary public-space artworks in Essaouira, 2011.
c215 in the medina.

Essaouira Graffiti
Marabouts and Zaouias
Tombs and religious places in the province of Essaouira.
Marabouts and Zaouias
Location of Bus Stations, Taxi and Koutchis. Airport.


Map of Essaouira and neighbour cities

Essaouira neighbour cities are:
Safi 120 km north, Marrakech 170 km east
and Agadir 170 km south.

Chart Essaouira old

The Medina of Essaouira

Older nautical chart of Essaouira.
We see the Medina and the Port and the growth of the new town, north-east from Bab Doukkala gardens, east to the forest and the lagoons and south of Bab Marrakech along the beach and the dunes.

Map of Essaouira town with popular sights

Map of Essaouira Town
with visiting spots outside the Medina

The Mogador Islands

The Mogador Island (Iles Purpuraires)
Archeological findings indicate activities from
the Phoenicians as well as local Amazighen (Berbers).
The history of Essaouira begins with Mogador.
Today the islands are a protected nature reserv
famous for its breeding birds.

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Map  Athmosphere_al Bachir

Essaouira has a remarkable climate
like no other coastal town of Morocco.
Mild winters, rainy periods and a wawy sea.
Cool summers, high humidity and strong,
mostly northern winds.

Map of the Medina of Essaouira

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The Medina
Maps of the Medina
Sights in the Medina

Walls and gateways


Old maps of Essaouira MogadorOld maps of Essaouira
and the medina of Mogador

Surf Spots
Essaouira bay, Plage Safi, Sidi Kaouki ,
Cap Sim and Moulay Bouzerktoun

Essaouira Town

The Green Belt
"Ceinture verte"

The wall marked in green  protecting the dune forest and the lagoons east of the town

The wall marked in green protecting the dune forest and the lagoons east of the town.

Rural weekly Souks

Chiadma is referring to the Arabic tribes and Haha to the Amazigh (Berber) tribes.

Map of Essaouira regions with the weekly souks

Visiting the souks is an adventure and a vivid experience. More than 30 weekly souks are to be found in the nearest environs.

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Four weel drive mounting the track in the mountains of the Tidzi valleys

Four weel drive , slowly mounting the road
in the mountains of the Tidzi valleys

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Essaouira Province

Road network Essaouira  neighbour cities

Principal road network connecting Essaouira with neighbour cities

Carte de la province d´Essaouira

From Guide Touristic 2006-2007 Essaouira La Seductrice Sefroui Editions

See also: Old maps of Essaouira and its regions (Internal link)

Map of colonial Morocco

Le Maroc vu du ciel / VIDEO)