Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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Children taking a free ride on a Koutchi

La dolce ,vita a Mogador


The first edition of the "La Dolce Vita à Mogador" Festival which honors Italian cinema will be held from October 12 to 15 2022, announced the Essaouira-Mogador Association, initiator of this event .



Essaouiran culture is rich of old traditions and influences not only from the Imazighen (The berbers), the Arabs, the Africans but also from the Jews who has had a special importance in Essaouira. The proximity to Europe and the French protectorate has affected both the culture and architecture.

Essaouira Creative City by UNESCO

Oscar Niemeyer, considered as the father of modern architecture, 1907-2012, dedicated his last project to Essaouira: Le centre culturel Mogador.

An agreement to set up a National Museum of Tea in Essaouira was signed by the Moroccan minister of Culture and the Chinese vice-state minister of cultural heritage in Peking June 18th 2012.


Barakat  Mohammed

Many traditions butalso everyday life in Essaouira follow the muslim calendar and in general local people have islamic values which are guiding them in actions and ethics.
Of religious reasons are some places and events sacred and not accesible for non muslims.



Islamic Calendar



The impact of tourism and the returning of Moroccan expats from Europe has made Essaouira today a cosmopolitan oasis with a high grade of tolerans between particular ethnic or cultural groups, like it was in the time of Sultan Sidi Ben Abdellah - the founder of the town Essaouira.


The Gnaoua is emerging the African roots. The anual Festival of Gnaoua is a moussem for everybody and the Gnaoua traditional musicians meet international guests.

Festival Gnaoua 1999



Rehabilation of the Muslim, Jewish and Christian cemeteries in Essaouira,by initiative of  The High Atlas Foundation (Extern link) 2013

Youth Expressions



When the robbers came to Cardemom town


Thorbjørn Egner (12 December 1912 – 24 December 1990) was a Norwegian playwright, songwriter and illustrator known for his books, plays and musicals for children.

When the Robbers Came

(Norwegian: Folk og røvere i Kardemomme by) is a 1955 Norwegian children's book written and illustrated by Thorbjørn Egner, which tells the story of Kardemomme by (Cardamom Town). It is considered as one of the most important Norwegian children's books and is said to be inspired by the town of Essaouira!


Concerning tolerance
Essaouira is the city of Morocco which had 32 synagogues and 7 mosques!

That the Catolic Church of Essaouira is the only one that rings its bells at midnight
on Christmas Eve.



Fantasia Moussem Regraga

Moussem Regraga Akermoud 2012


DAR SOUIRI Espace Socioculturel

Cultural activities for children, adolescents and adults, cultural programming (concerts, theater, cinema, etc.), participation in festivals, fight for the preservation, promotion and development of the city of Essaouira, support to associations and artists of Essaouira, the fields of action are multiple and Dar Souiri this site invites you to discover them.

The Mission

To safeguard the social and economic heritage
Ensure the preservation of an urban and cultural city
The promotion of the city and its region
The strengthening of the economic and local infrastructure
The strengthening of friendship and solidarity between members of the association
Ensure cooperation with associations with similar objectives at local, national and international levels
The preparation of records and the preparation of studies on sustainable development issues concerning the city and the region in order to present them to the authorities concerned.
Cultural and historical heritage in danger
Essaouira UNESCO Worl Heritage 2001

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Out-door Conjuring Mogador

Mogador - A n jour of celebration

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