Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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The Danish consulat

The Danish Consulate a 17th century building. Street Art!

The Danish Consulate was the first European consulate in Mogador. Built in 1765. The Brasilian consul started the work
and it was finished by the Danish Consul Georg Höst
who served in Essaouira till the end of 1768.
When the Royal Danish - African Company was liquidated 1767, it was offered to the King of Morocco by the Danish goverment..




Le bel avenir de l'ancien Consulat Danois à Essaouira


Statement by Mr. El Mostafa Hbibi, Historical Monuments Architect at Essaouira.

Presentation of a project for conversion of the former Danish Consulate into a cultural centre.
This project is proposed by the local UNCHS/Habitat group and is aimed at restoring and rehabilitating the Danish Consulate, a 17th century building.

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Notice the paainting by C215 on the door.


Danish Consulat
Danish Consulat
Danish consulat

Small openings with iron bars

In the south corner of the building
there are very thick walls with small openings
with iron bars.

There were 8 foreign consulates (Denmark, Britain, the Netherlands, France, Spain,
Italy, Portugal and Brazil
), mostly located in the Kasbah Qasbah quarter.

The Consulat of Netherlands - 19th century



The Danish consulat

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Statement by
Mr. El Mostafa Hbibi

UNCHS/Habitat group

Consulat danois a Essaouira (a l'abondant)
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