Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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Walking tour along the "The Green Belt wall"

Satellit map of Essaouira

Satellit map of Essaouira
with the wall marked in red to the east.

Locate this sight on the Map of Essaouira Town
and read more about the Green Belt Project

The wall

The wall is about 3 km long from Sekkala, (Plage Safi) in the north to Errounak
in the south. It was built in 2009 and is continuesly changing look.
See pics from August 2012

South to Borj

The wall 2009


The wall is exellent for walking on and the dunes in the north , the forest and the lagoons to the east is easy accessible.



The wall was built in a project aiming at hindering the urban growth and for the protection of the forest and the lagoons.

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The Green Belt

The Forest

The Dune forest

Forest palm


Bohaira Lagoons

Bohaira Lagoon

The lagoons are filles with water after a rainy period but many smaller ones dries up til the summer and is then good as football field.

Trees in the forest



Flamingos Lake Duneforest
Flamingos in a lake in the dune forest

Bird watching

Bird watching

Birds Lake Bouhaira

Bird watching

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Black dog on the wall

A semi domestic dog is walking the wall.

There are wild dogs in the forest . They are shy and hide often. But when it is warm during the days they sleep on the sandhills and don´t bother. Early morning is the best time to meet see the dogs.

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There are flocks of grazing dromedars but also
cattle, sheep and goats in the forest.



Forest path


The reconstruction of the Green wall has reached Bouhaira.

The green wall with  reinforcement of steel fence

The green wall in Lot 5


Rkhama Azlef

Old entrance fenced

The green wall in Errounak


From Bouhaira to Sekkala and Plage Safi there are only
remnants of the original low wall which makes it easy
for animals to invade the streets but also easy for residents
to throw garbage and household waste direct into the nature.

The green wall in Tafoukt


Cows feeding themselves of household waste

Cows feeding themselves of household waste
The green wall Sekkala