Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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Ait Daoud

Es sebt ait daoud
Four rural communes (Adaghas, Aglif, Assais and Bouzemmour)
Ait Daoud is a town in Essaouira Province, Marrakech-Tensift-Al Haouz, Morocco

Mountainous area Anti Atlas 850 to 1250 m altitude .
Djebel Ait Daoud 1,182 m (3,878 ft)
Dar el Caïd Allal Bou Fenzi


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Roadsign AIT DAOUD

The territory of Ait Daoud, called the tribe "IDA OR BOZIA" is composed of fractions or sub-tribes.

Doors Ait Daoud


The region of Ait Daoud has extraordinary forest plant diversity including natural mountain thyme, rosemary (Romarin), wormwood (Armoise ), carob (Caroubier) , Argan (Arganier).......


Carob (Caroubier)

Tree exploited by traditional techniques like argan.
Its fruits are usually sold in the raw state.



The name of the site "Ait Daoud" is very revealing. It means "The descendants of David" and may explain the legend of the Jewish inhabitants there.

Judaism was practiced in the region before the arrival of Islam

Jews living in Morocco with Berber Jews are Iligh, this community lived in an area of language tashelhit, Souss.
Ibn Khaldun in the fourteenth century, said: "The Berbers are the children of Canaan, son of Ham, son of Noah."
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Honey production in Ait Daoud is nationally
recognized because of a very diverse flora.

Honey (Miel) in Ait Daoud


Watercollect and Mosque Ait Daoud

View of the mountains Ait Daoud


Mosque Ait Daoud

Dar caid

Old settlements Dar Caid

Souk Ait Daoud is on  Fridays

The weekly souk in Ait Daoud is on Fridays.

Roadsign AGLIF 2 Km

The door of an oldhouse Aglif

Doordecoration  - A rose with esight petals
The Rose with eight petals,symbolizes Arab and Muslim

Very old walls of a house Aglif

Old house Aglif

Watchdog Ait Daoud

Water collect system  Ait Daoud
Rainwater collect system in Ait Daoud



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