Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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Ain Lahjar
(Ain el Hajar)
The oasis

Oasis Ait Lahjar

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(Aïn Hadjar, Ain Hajar, Ain el Hajar,Aïn el Ahjar, Douar Ain Lahjar )

The name Ain el hajar means
The source of the stones

Grind stone in Ain Lahjar

To the east there is the mountain for making grinding stones - which is cut out of the rock.

The area in west has large plantations irrigated by water from the source.



The oasis Ait Lahjar

Ponds and canals with water from the source


The oasis Ait Lahjar

On this site, in 16th century, the town of Tacalayate had 4000 people who had grown orchards and various cultures. It was around 1913 that settlers began to establish municipal drinking water sources and to improve the production of fruit and vegetable areas.

Aloe Vera

Gigant Aloe

Pommes Granates


A path in paradise

A Path in paradise

Cows grazing


Grinding stones from  a rock in Ain Lahjar


Grinding stones

Remains of grinding stones - carved out of the rocky mountain in Ain Lahjar

On the mountain Jebel Hadid - just some kilimeters north of the osasis - an iron ore deposit was exploited by the ancient Greek colony. Today we can see deposits of slag from that production.

Ain Lahjar Slag pile

Slag from iron production Ain Lahjar

Slag from iron production in Ain Lahjar

Moskque Sidi Ali ben Rahman

Zaouia  Ain Lahjar

The Mosque Sidi Ali Ben Rahmoun
( a Sufi saint , Marabout )

Some beautiful photographs of the mosque and zaouia of Sidi Ali Ben Rahmoun
you can find in this article:

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Pottery Ain Lahjar



Pottery Ain Lahjar


Pottery Site Ain Lahjar


Maison forestière
Ain Lahjar

Built in 1929, according to the French architectural style, it is still functional and it also serves as information and welcome visitors.


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