Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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Old Maps and pictures


Mogador Bab Doukkala and the  Market  street

Bab Doukala and the Market street


Map of Mogador Bay from 1767(Plano y perfil del Puerto de Mogodor. 1767)
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Old maps of Essaouira Mogador

See the growth of the town from 18th century to 1986.
Compare with Essaouira today!


Map of old medina Mogador


Mogador port Low tide

Mogador port
19th century
Low tide

Place de la Grande Mosque


Medina map old 1760

Theodore Cornut plan of Essaouira in 1767

Plan de la Grande Ile of Theodore Cornut in 1767

Mogador Old map

The 18th century Mogador.

The road from the south passing Diabet and the river Oued Ksob
meets the road from Marrakech in the east.
Outside the medina in the nort-east are some gardens
and the rest is dunes and the forest.

Mogador 1895



Map of Essaouira 1917


Old postcard of Essaouira

Mogador Street in the Kasbah


Essaouira Medina  mid 20th ct after Magana was buid

MOGDOR Avenue du Chayla

Mogador Place du Chayla

Place du Chayla 1930
Today Place Moulay Hassan


Aerial view of Essaouira 1930




Essaouira surrounded by the sea on three sides

Old photograph Overview Essaouira Medina
Outside the walls gardens and lakes in the north and east
and south of Bab Sbaa there is a military camp and
then dunes along the brach to the forest.



Arriving to Mogador by the dunes

Old postcard
Arriving from the south crossing the dunes to reach the town

La nouvelle Kasbah with the clocktower and the Ben Youssef mosque inside old wall.

Aerial view over Mogador


Essaouira 1977



Essaouira 1986


Essaouira aerial view

Essaouira aerial view


Astronaut Photography of Essaouira and Cap Sim beaches

Astronaut Photography of Essaouira and Cap Sim beaches




Old Maps

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