Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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Selection of famous people connected to Essaouiran history and culture.




As a symbol of peace, freedom, rapprochement of cultures and sharing, a «Banc de liberté» (A Freedom Bench), created in tribute to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, was installed on the cornice of Essaouira, Tuesday, September 19, 2017.

Important historic personalities.

Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdallah

(Mohammed III , c. 1710-1790) was the founder of the new town Essaouira.

Théodore Cournut
French architecte who designed the new Souira with fortifications.

Ahmed Al Alj (Ahmed El Inglizi )
English architecte constructed bridge and the portal of Scala the port.

George Höst
Danish consul in Mogador 1765 - 1768

Haïm Pinto - an Icon of Essaouira
Rabbi Haïm Pinto (1748–1845) was the leading rabbi in Essaouira. Jews from around the world come on pilgrimage to visit the rabbi's grave in the Jewish Cemetery.

Auguste Beaumier (1823 -1876)
Famous consul of France, interpreter, spreading French language and culture in Mogador.

More about names of persons in Glossary


Sultan Moulay Abderrahmane

Moulay Sharif Abderrahmane (Abd-er-Rahman) (1778–1859) was sultan of Morocco from 1822 to 1859. He was a member of the Alaouite dynasty.
Painting 1845 by Eugène Delacroix

Moulay Abderrahmane was Khalifa of the king in Mogador before he became king (1822 -1858).He resided in Dar Soultane in Diabet. When he was king it served as residence for high dignitaires of the makhzen.


There are myths about famous people who has visited Essaouira.
Certainly Jimi Hendix.......who visited Essaouira a week in 1969

But most stories about famous people who has slept in the hotels or eaten at the restaurants in Essaouira are it just a way of creating myths to promote the tourist business.

La   caravan d´Hendrix

Caravane d´Hendrix
Painting by Hassani Majid
Café Resto Hendrix in Diabet

Aldo Berti with his dog Negro

The italian born actor Aldo Berti (1936 - 2010) lived in Essaouira.
Aldo appeared in over 40 films from 1956's “Time of Vacation”
with Vittorio De Sica until 1972's “Return of the Holy Ghost”.

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IMDb Aldo Berti (I) (1936–2010) Actor


People living in Essaouira are said to be Souiri ´s.

There are many well known Souiris because of their merits or character.
Essaouira is a small town where it is easy to meet others.
Visitors are always in focus of many reasons and the social communication is friendly and polite. See Tourism

A local "guide" aproaching  a group of tourists

A local "guide" ........aproaching a group of tourists

Woman at rural oven

Baking bread in old fashioned rural way


In rural aeras people are more curious and shy for foreign travellers. But you are always welcome!

Laughing misician in the souk of Had Draa

Laughing musician
in the Souk of Had Draa

A shepherd boy carriying a lamb

A shepherd boy carriying a lamb

Man with stick

Learning skills early

Boy with bucket

Ain Lahjar

Men discusses

crowd of people



Other famous people from Essaouira - see also the page Special notes!