Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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Historical notes about Essaouira Mogador
and Morocco in general



  Appearance of the direct ancestors of the Berbers in Morocco
  Berber tribes fishing in Mogador Bay
1100   The Phoenicians set up their first trading posts

Phenisian map of  MoroccoPhoenician map of Morocco


600 BC   Phoenicians founded a settlement in Mogador named Migdal
500 BC  

The Carthaginian navigator Hanno visited Mogador Islands in the 5th century BC and established the trading post of Arambys.

203 BC   Massinissa founded the Numidian kingdom
105 BC   MaBocchus first extends the kingdom of the Moors to the east.

25 BC


300 AD/CE

  Juba II established a Tyrian purple factory, processing the murex and purpura shells found in the intertidal rocks in Essaouira and the Mogador Island. This dye colored the purple stripe in Imperial Roman Senatorial togas.

A Roman villa was also excavated on Mogador island.
Map of Mauritania Tinganica
40 AD  
Assassinat de Ptolémée, dernier roi maure.
70 AD   Jews from the Roman Empire settles in Mauretania (Morocco) 1)
285 AD   The Romans retreated and abandoned the Morocco
430 AD   Beginning of the Vandal invasion
533 AD   The Byzantines try to retake the Maghreb.
622 AD   The Hijrah refers to the Prophet's migration from Mecca to Madinah. This journey took place 622 AD This is the beginning of the Muslim calendar.
600-700   Jews enter Morocco from the Iberian peninsula
681 AD   Uqba ibn Nafii arrives in Morocco.
700   Arab invasion. Idrisids founds the first major Muslim dynasty.
711   Tariq Ibn Ziad débarque en Espagne.
1357   The name Mogador was identified in the world map of Medici
1367   Mogador written on a map designed by Pizzigani
1492   Jews driven from Spain enters Morocco
1506   Manuel I, the king of Portugal, ordered a fortress to be built Castello Real de Mogador
1577   The traveler Drake mentions Domegador in 1577 and this name is found in the maps published in Holland by Judocus Hondius
1578 -1603   The sugarcane factory constructed by the Sultan Ahmed El Mansour Essaâdiwas in use 25 years. Ida Ou Gourd.
1626   The French Cardinal Richelieu sent his envoyé Chevalier Isaac de Rasilly (1587 - 1635) to occupy the Island of Mogador.

Map of Mogador  1650

The island of Mogador Mogador, with anchorplaces, the Castello Real (Chateau)
and the passage from the island to the mouth of Oued Ksob.

1755   The earthquake 1st of November 1755, Lisbon ( Magnitude 9) and the following Tsunami with 15 m high wawes who destroyed parts of the towns at the Moroccan Atlantic coast including Mogador.
Scala the Kasbah was built and The Danish Consulate was the first European consulate in Mogador. Built in 1765.
    The modern town of Essaouira is founded by Sultan Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah
1767   Morocco sign peace treaty with Spain and trade agreement with France
1770   Inscription Scala the Port "Bab el Mersa"

Peace Treaty between the United States and Morocco

1799   A strong pestilence raged in Morocco 2)




Sultan Moulay Slimane renovated the mosques of Rahala, Mesguina
and the Zaouia Kadiria and the Mausoleum of Sidi Magdoul. He also intalled the new quarters for the Jews - Mellah Jdid.

Essaouira 1809


Part of Morocco was flooded from locusts, which came flying in so densely
multitudes, that, like clouds of clouds, they darkened the air. There they
downwards they devoured everything that grew on the earth, as well as upwards
the bark on the trees, so that the people in many places in the country did not have much else to live on than locusts, of which the females
were collected and eaten partly boiled in water, partly dried, and sometimes also
fresh, when they were dipped in oil. The author also has this food
several times enjoyed, and found it not unpalatable.The distress in the country caused robberies and robberies on the roads, and several counties refused to pay their taxes.

1844   Essaouira was bombarded and briefly
occupied by the French Navy under the Prince de Joinville on August 16, 1844.
1845   Rabbi Haim Pinto died 28 September 1845 at the age of 96 years,
1856   Borj al Oued collapsed. Diastrous flood of Oued Ksob January 13
1884   Charles de Foucauld (1858-1916) stayed in former French Consulat
in Rue Laalouj the 28th of January 1884
1886   Cholera epidemic in Morocco See map here
1890   The Green Palm House "La Palmera" was built by the English (Closed 1905)
1912   Morocco becomes a French protectorate under the Treaty of Fez, administered by a French Resident-General.
1912   Maréchal Lyauthey ordered 1912 to build the clocktower (Magana) in the new Kasbah.
1913 - 1948   Dr Charles Louis Gustave Bouveret came from Paris to Mogador in June 1913. He stayed and worked as a doctor until he died 1948.
1927   November , 21 The old bridge at Diabet collapsed during the flood of Oued Ksob
1936   The catholic church Sainte-Anne was inaugurated by Henri Vielle 1936.

1948   Jewish emigration starts
1949   1949-1951 Orson Welles worked on Othello and filmed in Essaouira.
1950   1950 was the port of Essaouira the most important for Sardines in Morocco but also for export of cereals.
1956   March - End of French protectorate after unrest and strong nationalist sentiment. Sultan Mohammed becomes king in 1957.
1960   Agadir earthquake took place on February 29, 1960, at 23:40 local time.
1961   Death of King Mohammed. King Hassan II comes to power.
1969   Jimi Hendrix (1942-1970) visited Essaouira in the summer of 1969.
1975   6 November - The Green March. King Hassan orders 350,000 civilian volunteers to cross into Spanish Sahara.
1998   First Festival of Gnaoua
1999   King Hassan II is succeeded by his son, Mohammed VI.

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2) Histoire : Les atrocités de la peste de 1799 à Mogador décrites par un commerçant étranger ((24/02/2019 )





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