Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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Scala the Kasbah

The Scala was built in 1765 by the French architect Théodore Cornut, who copied the example of the fortifications designed by his teacher Vauban in France. The french costal town Saint-Malo was an example for designing the medina and the Scalas.

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The Scala of the Kasbah

A bronze cannon

Bronze cannons made in Spain of coppar from Mexico and Peru. Scala the Port and the Mogador island can bee seen in the background. There are 19 bronze canons of 3 different nationalities in the Scala of the Kasbah.Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch.

Barcelona Bronze

1780 Bronze canon from Barcelona

A hsitoric bronze canon  who caused the death of Omar Al Alj

Detail of the damage on the Omar Al Alj canon

This canon has an indentation at the mouth of fire
from the bombardement of the town in 1844 by Prince Joinville. This canon caused the death of the renegade
artificer Omar Al Alj and it is said that his head was found outside Bab al Jihade.

"Because the sultan received information that all the iron cannons at hisfavorite place, the hideous Mogador,were raised by the salty the sea air, he had decided, that Mogador should be armed only with metal cannons..."



Bayt Al Latif

Bayt Al Latif

The "dikr"is recited every friday.

Barakat Mohammed

Barakat Mohammed

Scala the Kasbah was built for defense against attacks from the sea.
The fortification is constructed in two levels. Ground floor with storage rooms for miltary material.
The founder of the new town Essaouira, Sultan Sidi Mohammed ben Abdallah ordered the constructing of the Scala of the port and the Scala of the Kasbah. (3 years to finish)

Visit the Scala and the remparts

There are 3 entrys of the Scala.

Main entry to the Skala  of the Kasbah

The main gate at Rue Laalouj

South door of Scala the Kasbah

The south entrance to the Scala Kasbah

South door 1910


Bab El Jihad

Bab Al Jihad (Door of the "holy war")
leads to the quartres Bani Antar.


Bab Al Jihade

Bab al Jihade - porte restaurée Etterbeak (Belgium)



A comman misunderstanding is that the Portuguese built the Scalas. But the Portuguese occupied Mogador in the 1600th century and let build the Castello Real in 1506 and left 1510 after strong resistance from the local tribes. Of this casle there are no traces left - The Scala of the port was built on its place.


The old canons at Scala the Kasbah

Men transporting canon at the Scala kasbah



From the Medina, Scala the Kasbah and Scala the Port

Scala the Kasbah - bird's eye view

Ahmed El Inglizi, the 18th century English renegade who built parts of Essaouira






Scala the Kasbah

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