Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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The Portuguese

In the 15th century the Portuguese were among other various travellers and merchants who invaded the Moroccan coast.
In 1506, the king of Portugal, Manuel I, ordered a fortress to be built there, named "Castelo Real de Mogador". The fortress fell later to the local resistance.

Manuel I King of Portugal

Portuguese Empire

15th century

1415-1640 Ceuta
1458-1550 Alcácer Ceguer (El Qsar es Seghir)
1471-1550 Arzila (Asilah)
1471-1662 Tangier
1485-1550 Mazagan (El Jadida)
1487- middle 16th century Ouadane
1488-1541 Safim (Safi)

16th century

1505-1769 Santa Cruz do Cabo de Gué (Agadir)
1506-1525 Mogador (Essaouira)
1506-1525 Aguz (Souira Guedima)
1506-1769 Mazagan (El Jadida)
1513-1541 Azamor (Azemmour)
1577-1589 Arzila (Asilah)



The Portuguese church

The Portuguese church

In the medina near the south entrance of the Scala Kasbah, in a small dead end street, Rue Ibn Zohr, there is an old church just door to door with the old Portuguese consulat.

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The Portugeese

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