Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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Mohammed III



Sultan Sidi Mohammed

The Sultan SIDI MOHAMMED coming out from his palace.

Mohammed III

The sultan Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah al-Qatib
(Mohammed III , c. 1710-1790) was the founder of the new town Essaouira.

The Sultan employed the French architect Théodore Cornut to build the model city of Essaouira.

The local Berber (Haha) and Arab (Chiadma) tribes provided labor for construction of the city but Then military contingents, including 'abîd al-Bukhârî (the Sultan's Black slave soldiers), and soldiers from Agadir, were permanently stationed there.These contingents account for the origin of three of the city's residential neighborhoods: Ahl Agadir, Bani Antar and Bouakhir.

Mohammed III was a sultan Alaouite.

Sultan, is an islamic title used by certain muslim rulers. Lands ruled by a sultan are called a sultanate. Mohammed V changed the style to Malik (king) on 14 August 1957, maintaining the subsidiary style Amir al-Mu´minin (Commander of the Faithful)

Mohammed III revived the city of Essaouira and invited Jews and English to trade there. Merchants from Europe arrived and the city began to enjoy its golden age.

The sultan decided to make it the most important port of the kingdom. He permitted different tribes to inhabit the city and consulates to be established: Denmark first, then France, Brasil and Portugal. This intelligent and tolerant sultan even welcomed an important Jewish community, which contributed greatly to the development of the city

.Sultan Mohammed III treaty with United States

In 1787 the United States and Morocco signed a Peace and Friendship Treaty, the oldest in U.S. history

Mogador became the first Moroccan port to trade with the non-islamic world. In 1767, he signed a peace treaty with Spain and a trade agreement with France. Under Mohammed III, Morocco became the first country to recognize the United States as an independent nation, in 1777. President George Washington wrote letters to the sultan in 1789 asking him for aid in allowing American ships to navigate nearby waters and thanking him for help with realease American sailors captured in Tripoli.
It also became the destination for caravans bringing African riches from Timbuctu.


Sidi Mohammad Ben Abdellah

The plaque of the museum Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah
The museum is situated in the street
in the Kasbah of the Medina.

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" The old Sultan Sidi Muhamed Ben-Abdalla was met at his old age from many accidents. He had lost two sons,
Mu-lei Ali and Mulei Memum, who died in Fez, the former in 1783 and the later in 1786, as a result of lascivious liver. Year 1786 had a son, Mulei Hussein murdered in Tafdet during an uprising.
In the same year, the Sultan lost three of his frigates, one of which was about 20 guns and one in 14 beached on the Portuguese coast, and the third dref ashore at Gibraltar. He now wished to live in peace
with the whole world,....."

Mohammed III

The Sultan Mohammed III


The Kasbah mosque

The typical 18th century tower (minaret) of the Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdallah Mosque, also known by the name The Kasbah Mosque.

Sultan Sidi Mohammed ben Abdallah

The Sultan visiting Essaouira

The sultan visiting Essaouira
Painting by Roman Lazarev

The sultan going to the mosque

The Sultan Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdallah going to the mosque

The Sultan Sidi Mohammed ben Abdallah

Mohammed ben Abdallah 1710 - 1790
was the Sultan of Morocco from 1757 to 1790 as a member of the 'Alawi (Alaouite )dynasty

The anti-Semitic era in the history of Morocco

Moulöay El Yazid

Moulay El Yazid

Moulay El Yazid was proclaimed sultan after the death of his father Mohammed ben Abdallah.

Moulay Yazid had an intense hatred for the Jews and incited pogroms throughout the country between 1790 and 1792. He encouraged attacks on the mellahs of Tetouan and other cities. The worst treatment was reserved for Meknes and Fez. The Jews of Fez were forced to leave the mellah for two years.

Moulay El Yazid ou l'ère antisémite de l'histoire du Maroc (



The dam "Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah"

The potential of the basin Oued Abiraqraq water is estimated at 680 Mm ³ and has the largest dam "Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah" put into operation in 1974.The raising of the dam Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah was the best solution for meeting the constant increase of water needs. With this raising it was possible to increase the dam height from 97.5 to 105 m and the storage capacity of 480-1025 Million m3. This operation required the establishment of 650 000 m3 of fill and 50,000 m3 of concrete.

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Mohammed III