Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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Barakat Mohammed

Barakat Mohammed at the entry of the town at Boulevard Mohammed V

At the entry of Essaouira, Boulevard Mohammed V ,
there is a big sandcoloured sculpture from 1978
by the painter Houssein Miloudi

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"Barakat Mohammed"
is a sacred term for the inhabitants of Essaouira and you can find this inscription almost everywhere in the town.

The meaning of the inscription

On the south wall of the east Scala Port tower , there is a carved inscription in sandstone. It is Arabic calligraphy and reads “Barakat Mohammed”.

Barakat Mohammed

The meaning in English:
blessing of Mohammed – prophet of Islam".

It is dating from 18th century at the foundation of the town by the Sultan Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah al-Qatib ( Mohammed III c. 1710-1790), calling about divine protection of the town. He let build a fortress originally called Souira ("the small fortress"). Later the name was Es-Saouira ("the beautifully made, the picture") Today this town is called Essaouira...

Other older names in berber are Tassourt and Amgader.

Barakat Mohammed in arabic calligraphy

Barakat Mohammed
Arabic calligraphy in sandstone by Houssein Miloudi


Barakat Mohammed  Restautaed 2013

Barakat Mohammed renovated in June 2013.

Detail of the sculpture Brakat Mohammed

Detail of the Brakat Mohammed sculpture

Houssain Miloudi 1978

Hosin Milodi 1978

Barakat Mohammed Scala  Marine
Barakat Mohammed on the wall of tower Scala Port

Souk el Jdid
Notice the "Barakat Mohammed" plate on the wall upper right (Souk el Jdid)



Barakat Mohammed