Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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The Seasons

The Summer

Grapes in amulent market Haddada

See also Seasonal Fruits

Boys swimming in the port

Boys swimming in the harbor basin. High tide summer afternoon.

Rocks and Atlantic wawes


Karmous flowers


The Autumn



Flood in the street

After the rain - flood in the streets
Here pedestrians are helped by trolleys (carossa) crossing the street at a cost of 1 DH.



Rainbow over the pier Essaouira port

Essaouira port



Low tide winter

The beach Low Tide


The river Ksob wintertime

The river Ksob flows towards the Atlantic Ocean.
At the mouth of the river there are the ruins of Borjd el Oued
and on the other side the Mogador Island with the prison and the mosque.



The beach after rain

The port High tide after  winter rain

Waves in Mogador Bay
Waves at high tide in Mogador Bay


The spring






A white bird

Essaouira has a rich avifauna

In the lagoon forest

March 2012
The lagoons in the duneforest are mostly dry
due to the lack of rain this year.
Threre are also this year large herds of sheep and camels
coming to the region fleeing the droughts in the Sahara.

Sheep grazing in the dune forest

Sheep in the duneforest

Camels in the forest

Sheep and camels grazing near the lakes in the Lagoon forest.

Camels on the road

Camels on the road

Camels on the road

Rainclouds autoroute

Rain clouds Spring





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