Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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Nature and man is in a contineous interaction.

It is a reciprocal relation between
the natural environment and the urban life.

Eco warrior flag

The Eco Warriors Flag has four colours. Red / yellow / black are colours from the Australian Aboriginal flag. Representing indigenous cultures worldwide and the beginnings of all humanity. Green represents nature and the environmental movement.In the centre of the flag is tripod symbol, which represents unity.


Essaouira, Morocco, is using renewable energy to become self-sufficient in energy by 2023
( Morocco Telegraph Nov 16, 2021)


The Mogagreen project: making Essaouira a pioneer city in recycling ( 06.07.21 )


Essaouira - The “Mogagreen” project will make Essaouira “a pioneer city on the scale of Morocco and the African continent”, declared, Saturday, Mr. André Azoulay, Advisor to HM the King and President-Founder of the Association Essaouira-Mogador.
Speaking on the occasion of the ceremony marking the launch of “Mogareen”, Mr. Azoulay affirmed that this “global, inclusive and multidisciplinary project will make the Cité des Alizés an avant-garde eco-city with the 'ambition to control and drastically reduce in the short and medium term the volume of its solid waste likely to be recycled ”.



Stop the litter!

Initiative to clean up the town 23 November 2014

Hopefully educating people of proper handling of garbage and a change of bad habits.



Face à la problématique de l’ensablement, Essaouira poursuit sa lutte acharnée
MAPEXPRESS 28 octobre, 2020 

Essaouira: inauguration du village solaire autonome d'Imjahidi
Read more at / 29 Octobre 2017

On 16th January 2014 a milestone event in the calendar of the High Atlas Foundation is scheduled to take place in various locations throughout Morocco, with the celebration of its successfully completed 'One Million Tree Campaign'. Over ten years, we estimate to have helped 50,000 people make the step out of poverty. The project is poised to continue indefinitely, at an accelerated pace, with 500,000 young trees expected to be planted in 2014 alone. (External link)

Natural resources


Bohaira Lagoons

The Dune forest and Bohaira Lagoons

Biological diversity

Wild dog in the dune forest

A wild dog hiding somewhere in the Dune forest.

The Sea

The sea

The Atlantic Ocean

The sun, the fresh air, the winds, the rain, the sea, the beaches, rocks, dunes and the forests are an asset for all humans, animals and wildlife. We all profit the beauty of nature but we also are influenced by the power of the natural elements.

The Beaches

Football at he beach " Plage Safi"


The beach and the sky  - Essaouira

Low tide at Plage Safi

Low tide at Plage Safi

The Rivers


Oued Ksob
Oued Ait ou Adil
Oued Tidzi
Oued Aghbalou
Oued Tahria
Oued Tensift


The climate has a significant impact in Essaouiran life, for the nature and urban constructions.
In Morocco has several areas, the last years, been struck with severe drynesses but also by devastating floods.


Eco Friendly tourism

....involves awareness of the ecological factors and understanding of the impact man has on nature.

Hiking in Djebel Hadid


Dromedars at the riverbed of Oued Ksob

Dromedars resting at the riverbed of Oued Ksob. Diabat. Winter.

Cows in Bohaira
Cows grazing in the Lagoons.
The new Bohaira mosque in the fond.

The redpainted fense

Iron bar fence with wires protecting the Lagoons?


GMF au Service de l´environnement


The containers of waste which are found in all residential
areas are attacked by the animals searching for food.




Urban needs

The protection walls

In 2008 -2009 The "Green Wall" was constructed at the border of the town Essaouira and the Dune Forest.

It was part of the Green Belt project

In may 2010 another defensive fence was put up some hundred meters from the Green Wall. Iron posts with wires is running all the way from the dunes of Scala through the forest following the Green Wall and ending at the motorway entrance of Essaouira, where there is a wall with iron bars connecting. The summer 2012 the green wall was reinforced by ironbar fence and the renovation has reached Bouhaira. The street following the wall was asphalted in 2011.


A proper town

Essaouira is today a rather clean town with an efficient way of taking care of household waste and the streets are regulary sweeped. But there lack still education of inhabitants to become concious about the need of not throwing waste anywhere. The green wall is not finished and the cattle enter the town from Sekkala and Bohaira and attack the garbage containers.

Dog and a bull

Also the strong winds carry sand into the city, raining causes floods in the streets and it is a continously ongoing work to attain the goal of a proper town.


Keep your block clean


GMF  Service  personal in the streets

GMF cleaning at the wall of Tafouchte




The wall in Tafoukt

Throwing household garbage in nature.

The waste is taken to landfill site in the forest
about 10 km east of Essaouira.

Mao of Esssaouira  with location of wastewater and waste sites

The Falcon of Essaouira

La faune du Maroc

Big tree in Ida Ougourd

A big tree in Ida Ou Gourd

Burning wood for coal in a traditional way
Charcoal stacks
Route de Safi


Salt pools

Saltponds Idaoui Aza (Idda ouazza) near Smimo
Locate on map Essaouira Natural

Oued in Djebel Hadid

Oued with Argan trees in Djebel Hadid


Chiadma Harvesting

Karmous Ait Daoud
Karmouss Ait Daoud August 2012

Grinder to grind argan nuts

Grinder to grind argan nuts

Honeycombs Sidi Kaouki

Honeycombs Sidi Kaouki

Goatskins drying