Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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The Jews


The Jewish population

When the Jews began to disperse throughout the Roman empire after the dissolution of the Jewish state in 70, many settled in Mauretania including part of modern-day Morocco.
In the 7th century the Jewish population of Mauretania received as a further accession from Iberian peninsula those who wished to escape west-Gothic legislation. At the end of the same century, at the time of the great Arab conquests in northwestern Africa, there were in Mauretania, according to the Arab historians, many Jews.

"The Jews are the first non-Berber people who came to the Maghreb and have continued to live there until now" (Haim Zafrani )

More about the history of the Jews in Morocco is found in External links and The Jews and the "Mellah"

The Star of David, a Jewish symbol carved in sandstone on this portal in Jrayfat

Old building with the Jewish star

"The accession to the throne of Yazid, on the death of Mohammed III in 1789, led to a terrible massacre of the Moroccan Jews, having refused him their support in his fight with his brother for the succession".....

......... "In Mogador, strife arose between the Jews and the city judge on the one hand, and the Moorish citizens on the other; the dispute was over the question of Jewish garb. Finally the Jews were ordered to pay 100,000 piasters and three shiploads of gunpowder; and most of them were arrested and beaten daily until the payment was made. Many fled beforehand to Gibraltar or other places; some died as martyrs; and some accepted Islam."

"The condition of the Jews has always been better in Mogador than in many other parts of the empire, as the sultans—especially those of the Sherifian dynasty—in many instances favored them. An exception, however, was made in this respect by the sultan Muley Yazid, who in order to convert ten Jews of Mogador tortured them for ten days by repeatedly hanging them head downward in a dry cistern and bastinadoing them. When the news of the death of Muley Yazid came, some of them had expired and one had embraced Islam; the rest were set free."

Rabbis in Mogador

Yahya, from Agadir
Jacob Bibaz, from Rabat;
Abraham Coriat, author of "Sefer Zekut Abot" (went to Leghorn in 1793)
Hayyim Pinto (d. 1845)
David ibn al-Hazzan (d. 1828)
Joseph ben Jacob Almalih, called Joseph al-Kabir
(d. Jerusalem 1837)
Abraham Coriat II., author of "Sefer Berit Abot"
Joseph ben Aaron Almalih
Abraham ibn 'Attar
(d. 1882)
Moses Cohen (emigrated to the city of Morocco)
Abraham Sabah (d. 1903)
Judah ben Maniel, Mas'ud Knafo Joseph ibn 'Attar

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Meet the ‘last Jew’ of Essaouira
( 197472017)

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Jeune huif marocain


Essaouira fait renaitre
son patrimoine juif oublie

( 6/9 2018)

2018 World Monuments Watch
Jewish Quarters of Essaouira

La ville d'Essaouira célèbre son judaïsme
Le Matin 29 October 2017

At the end of 19th century, the Jewish community in Essaouira amounted to 7700 people in the Mellah and 700 in the two Kasbah.

In the new constitution adopted in 2011 in the context of the Arab spring , his majesty King Mohammed VI established the "Hebrew distinctive charactreristic" of Morocco as " one of the age-old pieces " of "its national identity"" and he called for "the restauration of all the Jewish temples " in the Kingdom. Source: Le Guido - le magazine d' Essaouira. Edition media business Essaouira No. 38 2013

La reine de Mogador 1922

La Reine de Mogador 1922


Jewish musicians

Jewish musicians


"Jews first arrived to the land now known as Morocco over 2000 years ago. Protected under the Islamic Principle of Tolerance since the 7th century, they flourished, holding high positions in trade and government. The Star of David was a symbol shared by all Moroccans, appearing on currency and even the national flag. During the Holocaust, when asked for a list of Jews, King Mohammed V declared, “We have no Jews in Morocco, only Moroccan citizens.” Jews and Muslims were united by culture and kingdom."


A famous inhabitant of Essaouira, the adviser of the king to the foreign affairs, André Azoulay who is of Jewish confession, has said that his birthplace Essaouira is, “the single place in the Arab world equipped with a population mainly Jewish until 1930, could be used today as example for the dialogue between the Jews and the Moslems throughout the world


Today the State of Israel is home to nearly 1,000,000 Jews of Moroccan descent, around 15% of the nation's total population.


During the 19th century the Jewish population in Essaouira grew from 4,000 to 12,000 from 1830 to 1912, and declined to about 6500 in 1936.This is attributed to the decline of commerce and other economic activity during the French Protectorate era in Mogador in favor of Casablanca and Agadir.
The immigration trends of the 1950s and 1960s caused the Mogador Jewish community to dwindle. A new era began for Essaouira.
In the early 1970s most of its Jewish community members resided in USA,Canada, Europe and Israel. By 2005, the community had almost disappeared.


"The expenses of the community came from taxes on kosher meat, on imported products, and from various donations from international sources. Many religious schools, a yeshiva, and several English-French Jewish schools were founded in Essaouira in the 1800s. In the early 20th century, the Jewish population in Essaouira was still higher than the Muslim population, and urban life was regulated by the Jewish calendar. While in 1901 the Jewish community counted 19,000 people, the number went down to 5,000 at the beginning of the French Protectorate and continued to decline during the 1950s and 1960s.
Article Source:

Juifs du Maroc Fastes et facettes

"For over 1200 years, Jews and Muslims lived together in Morocco and cooperated in the development of its cultural and artistic wealth. This video reflects the nesting and sensitivities which in Moroccan land, are reflected in the culture and Jewish art: common themes and motifs in jewelry, costumes, music, singing, poetry, everyday life. If you believe that peace is a necessity; If you are tolerant, respectful of the difference of each other."



Essaouira had a Jewish quarter too .... 

Inside Jewish Morocco 

Return to Morocco
The story of Morocco's Jewish community
told from the perspective of those who have left, stayed or are now returning.

Rabins of Mogador

Rabins of Mogador

Mogador Jews

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DHIMMI - A contract under domination.

The concept of dhimma that applies to Jews and Christians stipulates submissive behavior towards Muslims. The dhimmi must meet a series of prohibitions: do not carry a gun, do not ride a horse, do not build new places of worship, do not raise your voice at ceremonies or may not resemble the Muslims in their clothing. Source: En francais DHIMMI !!! (



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This film traces the life of the Jews of southern Morocco at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, among the Berbers, in the 50s and their departure to go to Israel. The great wave of Alya Jews of Morocco was during the years 1954-1955. The delegates of the Jewish Agency organized the departures on the spot. The Alya had started legally since the creation of the State of Israel in 1948 and ended with the declaration of independence of Morocco in 1956. During this period 35,000 Jews arrived in the country.




The rabbins of the town Mogador

Old man

Old man

Jews amazigh

Young jewish woman

Star of David on a stamp from 1896

There are rumors that the Sultan of Morocco at that time , Mulai Abd al-Aziz IV, wanted to marry the daughter of the head of the Jewish community and that would report this as the Star of David appears on coins and stamps of that period.

Source: Timbre rare de Tétouan, 1896 avec une etoile de David (



The Jews