Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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The cannabis culture in Morocco

To smoke and possess hashish, weed, marijuana ,cannabis (also " Kif " Moroccan Arabic كيف‎ (kīf), from Arabic كَيْف‎ (kayf, “opiate”).) is illegal but it is common that travellers can be offered to buy or to smoke.
A good advice is to be careful not touching any drugs.

Keith Richard smoking kif

Keith Richard smoking kif from a sibsi


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— Africa Report (@africa_report)


Rapport: 800 000 toxicomanes au Maroc ( 5/2-2015)


Kif and sibsi (Pipe)




"Chronic cannabis intoxication of a significant fraction of the male population still prevails in Morocco. The preparation used (kif) is a powder made from the dried flower of the female plant. It contains 2 to 3% THC and is smoked mixed with tobacco (1/3 of the mixture). Cultivation of kif is tolerated in an area of 60 square miles in the high Rif mountain of Northern Morocco, where it constitutes the main cash crop of the local farmers. A significant percentage (50%?) of the men in the area also consume kif regularly. This cultivation is spreading to neighboring areas. Moroccan health authorities claim that cannabis intoxication represents a major health hazard. There exist little data correlating chronic usage of kif with pathological states in these areas of large production and consumption. This dearth of information due to lack of local medical personnel could be alleviated by a combined medical and ethnological study."
Abstract from Nahas GG, Zeidenberg P, Lefebure C, Kif in Morocco, U.S. National Library of Medicine



Holding the kif pipe (sibsi)


Du kif dans le Rif, les chemins de la drogue au Maroc - Thalassa (reportage complet)

Sibsi, matoi and skaf

Traditional pipe (Sibsi) with pipeheads and pocket for kif

Le kif detruit le corps et l´esprit

Kif destroys body and mind.
Poster from the 1970s

Kif-Kif (organization)

Kif-Kif (The Association of Lesbians, Gays, Transsexuals and Bisexuals of Morocco) is an Non Govermental Organisation and LGBT rights organization for LGBT Moroccans. Since it was illegal in Morocco the organization was licensed and checked in Spain since 2008. On its constitutive act, it is mentioned that its actions include both Spain and Morocco. Although its focus is on homosexual rights, membership is open to everyone who shares its values based on the universal declaration of human rights.

The association Is violently criticized from very conservative parts of Muslim society.

Kif-kif is an Amazigh expression that means "same". The organization also operates a magazine titled Mithly.




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