Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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 The annual moussem Regraga officially began
at zaouia Sidi Ali Ben Bouali in Akarmoud .
Thursday May 19th 2022

The annual moussem Regraga officially begun in Akarmoud
by moqadem, "Laarouss" mounting his white horse and with prayers. Morocco 2022.

The regraga tour visited Essaouira the 2nd of June 2022

Regraga did not depart the years (2020-2021) due to the Corona virus pandemic!

The annual moussem Regraga officially began
at zaouia Sidi Ali Ben Bouali in Akarmoud 21/3 2019
and visited Essaouira 4/4 2019

Regraga 2020


The annual moussem Regraga (daour-tour) that lasts thirty-nine days and includes 44 steps, officially begin at zaouia Sidi Ali Ben Bouali.
The organization of this major annual religious, cultural, economic and tourism event coincides with the advent of spring season. This moussem attracts many visitors from many parts of Morocco.

Start at Zaouia Ben Hmida

A procession to the Mzara des Regraga and Zaouia in the medina of Essaouira

End of the Daour - The great Moussem in Had Draa


1. Depart Akermoud (Sidi Abdellah ou Hmad)
2. Sidi Ali Ben Bou Ali (Bouâli)
3. Sidi Ali El Kourati (Sidi Alla Krati,Loukrati)
4. Sidi M´hamed ben Abdeljalil (Talmest) Sidi Hamou Ben Hmida
5. Sidi Bou Brahim - Sidi Abdellah Ben Saleh
6. S. H.B.Hmaïda - Sidi Aïssa Bou Khabiya
7. Sidi Ben Kacem (Zaouia Rtnana)(Khémis Oulad El Haj)
8. Sidi Lhoussine Moul Lbab (Zaouia Retnana)
9. Sidi Ishaq
10. Sidi Mansour - Sidi Messaoud
11. Sidi Saleh Ahl - Sidi Abdallah Al Batach(Akermoud)
12. Sidi Boubker Ashemas (Achmasse) - Sidi Abdellah Ou Ahmad (Akermoud)
13. Sidi Boubker Ashemas - Sidi Abdellah Ou Ahmad (Akermoud)
14. Sidi Boubker Ashemas - Sidi Abdellah Ou Ahmad (Akermoud)
15. Sidi Bou Zerktoune (Moula Doraiïne)
16. Sidi Magdoul - The town of Essaouira Diabat
17. Sidi Setta ou Settine - Sidi Ali Saiïh -Sidi Yaâcoub (Jbel Lahdid)
18. Sidi Ouasmine (Jbel Lahdid)
19. Lalla Taourirt
20. Sidi Boulamane (Boulaâlam
21. Sidi Yaâla
22. Sidi Aïssa Moul Louted (Moul Lâahad)
23. Sidi Bou Laâlam - Sidi Hamou Ou Hsine
24. Zaouia Ahl Marzoug
25. Beit Allah - Zaouit Sakyat
26. M'tafi L'haouf (Ntafi Lhouf)
27. Sidi Abdellah Amzil - Sidi Ahmer Chantouf (Zaouit Tikten)
28. Sidi Massaoud Ahwir (Mrameur)
29. Sidi Abdellah Moul L'ghiran- S.Abdennaïm
30. Tafettacht
31. Sidi Larbi Berkhil - S. M'hamed Ben Brahim
32. Sidi Saïd Sabek (Essabeq)
33. Lalla R'qiya Agouidir - Sidi Ali L'kouch
34. Sidi Abdellah Ben Sâid
35. Sidi Abdellah Ben Sâid
36. Sidi Moussa - Sidi Abdellah Ben Wasmine
37. Sidi Abdellah Ben Ouasmine
38. Sidi Ali Ben Mâachou (Messaoud Boutritiche)(Had Dra)
39. Sidi Ali Ben Mâachou
(Had Dra)


Fantasia Akermoud Regraga

Akermoud 3 April 2012


Akarmoud moussem 2012 Motorbike testing

Motorbike try
at the start of the anual Regraga Moussem
Akarmoud March 22 2012


Regraga visit Essaouira 5 april 2012

Regraga Essaouira 2012

The arrival in Essaouira by the Bâb-Doukkala door of these holy men carrying the baraka (the blessing of God) gives rise to great festivities. They walk under the "youyous" and the applause of a frenetic crowd that sprinkles them with rose water. A gigantic couscous is offered by the population in the village of Diabet.

Moqaddem Larossa

Moqadem of Akarmoud Regraga.
Nakib of Regraga (decret royal), Laâroussa.

The khaima (the sacred tent) stays in Molay Bouzerktoune during the visit in Essaouira.

Box with money

The Chamberlain of HM the King, Brahim Frej, presented Thursday 5 April 2012 in Essaouira, a royal gift to benefit the Shereefs of the zawiya Regraga, on the occasion of the celebration of the annual moussem.

Rhita musician

Regraga visit Essaouira 14 april 2011

muqaddim (religious leader) riding a white horse.

Muqaddim (religious leader) riding a white horse.

Regraga Essaouira Procession

Regraga Essaouira 2011  Blessings


Metal box for money offerings

Box for money taken to the mosque Regraga at Khodara in the medina
where it will be distriubuted among the Regraga tribes.

A participating boy

Religious celebrations and practises are taken place. Drums and Rhitas and singing.
It is a great anual Moussem with a lot of of visitors watching
and taking part of the amusements and the commerce.


Toys for sale

Liens en francais:

Le daour des Regraga au Maroc. Un rite de régénérescence.


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RJRAJH,Dour , hjar, regrara,“Rajraja”, regraja, ريجراجا

Date moussem, Ragragah, Ragraga,





Eid el Adha
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