Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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Old schools in Mogador

The school of Auguste Beaumier

Ecole Auguste_Beaumier

Ecole Auguste_Beaumier

Ecole Auguste_Beaumier

Ecole Auguste_Beaumier

Ecole Auguste_Beaumier
Exterior 2011

The school was administrated by the "Alliance israélite universelle" (Universal Jewish Alliance) a French Jewish organization. Auguste Beaumier was French consul in Mogador in middle 19th century and struggled to open French schools. There were already english schools.






Mogador Ecole Francaise

Ecole francaise in Mogador


Lycée Akensous

Lycée Akensous

Lycée Akensous

Old school buildings




Old Jewish school founded in 1867


At the entrance to what was the Kasbah (Rue de C aire), where the royal residences and consulates adjoined the administrative services of Mogador, is the old school of the Jewish Alliance of Morocco, founded in 1867, later became the police station, until the 2010s.


Old Jewish school Mellah

The old Jewish school in Melllah

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Old schools
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