Essaouira Mogador is a town at the Atlantic coast of Morocco

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In 2004 the Moroccan parliament took steps to improve the status of women and children, and has passed a new family law, Mudawanat al Asra (English: Family Code), which is widely regarded as very progressive by regional standards. For example, men are now permitted only one wife unless their wife signs an agreement. In addition to being candidates in mixed electoral lists, women have a national list in parliamentary elections that allow them for at least 10% of the seats.

In parallel, and in September 2006, a national observatory to fight violence against women was founded. Many state departments, administrations, universities as well as national female associations are sought to coordinate efforts together.
Recently, in 2009, new legislation has also allowed women to divorce their husbands without the consent of the husband.


In The Global Gender Gap Index , which examines the gap
between men and women in four fundamental categories
(subindexes): economic participation and opportunity, educational attainment, health and survival and political empowerment, (The four pillars),
Morocco was ranked the 139th of 145 countries.
In 2014 Morocco was ranked 133th of 142

Source: The Global Gender Gap Report 2015- World Economic Forum.



The Relative Status of Women and Men.
The status of men is higher than that of women. For the most part, women remain in private, domestic places. The man , the father represents the family outwards.
Worship in mosques is generally reserved for men and all Muslim leaders are male. Conservative Moroccans may not entertain mixed-sex groups. Within the family, the maintained virginity of a young woman is guarded, as it is vital to her acceptance for marriage. On the other hand, male sexual activity before marriage is regarded as normal.

63% of the Moroccan woman thinks domestic violence is justified!
Source: 12.09.2014


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